Denzel Curry Is Not Down With The Internet Gangsters

HipHop News Posted on September 8, 2017 at 12:00am

Denzel Curry Is Not Down With The Internet Gangsters

#DXCLUSIVE: Carol City, Florida native explains why he's more open to social media and now touches on his next album, "Taboo".

Miami, FL – For the majority of the burgeoning artists, a social media presence is a crucial element to its success and the rise to notoriety. But for Carol City, Florida native Denzel Curry, his online presence was intentionally minimal for a long time. He just recently started to post with more frequency. As he explains to HipHopDX, he was just tired of internet gangsters.

"...dafuck you lookin at jitt" "ULT"

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"I'm starting to put a little bit more," Curry says DX. "I just started being awkward and not worry about the people commenting because that was the main thing. People commented and to the people saying that shit I don't like and get away with it. I don't like that shit 'cause you know that in real life, they get away with it if they say it in person."

Curry's latest Instagram post reads, "...dafuck you lookin at jitt' 'ULT", which perfectly captures his newly adopted carefree attitude. In the past, he said that people routinely post negative comments, so he has refused to use the typical platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

"They don't dare say it to my face," he says. "The only way that you can't get away with it is in social media, you know what I'm saying? With that, I was hot. I was mad that I feel?"

One day, he decided not to allow them to get to him. He was aware that it might disable the comment section on Instagram, but that was not the way I wanted to handle.

"I don't want to do that," he says. "It makes Me feel weak. I prefer to take it."

Curry has a theory about where all that hatred.

"Whether you're jealous and have nothing better to do, or that are under the key of fans and don't want to admit it," he says.

When he is not re-discovering social media, the newly sober Curry is busy putting the final touches to his next album, Taboo, in its follow-up until 2016 Imperial. Although he remained tight-lipped on the det


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