Dick Gregory Praises Killer Mike & T. I. In New Interview

HipHop News Posted on September 4, 2017 at 1:14am

Dick Gregory Praises Killer Mike & T. I. In New Interview

DXclusive: Celebrate the life of an icon of the comic and civil rights activist.

On the 19th of August 2017, the world lost a real one.

The late Dick Gregory was a brilliant and revolutionary stand-up comedian, a broadcaster, activist and much more. He was their favorite comedian's favorite comedian. He stood alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Muhammad Ali in the civil rights struggle. He inspired Richard Pryor to avoid self-censorship, a quality that would pave the way for comics like Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle to speak freely. And at the age of 84 years, he was still doing hundreds of shows a year and working on other projects, including his appearance at the Black Spectrum Theatre's "What's Going on?"

In an unpublished telephone interview from October 2016, HipHopDX was blessed with the opportunity to interview the legend, and, as expected, it was so much fun and deep as always. The biggest surprise in the conversation was the revelation that he made about his time in Atlanta, where he spent time with Killer Mike and T. I.

"I didn't know that Atlanta was the Hip Hop capital of the world until two weeks ago, when they all arrived for the show and we talked for a long time," Gregory said with a laugh. "Because I don't listen to music, but I talked with Killer Mike, we talked for like 12 hours."

U cursed me (more than once), or you fucking my rapper friends (more than once), or broke bread with my wife and me, or gave me the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding for free and never asked for anything, but I spread it so freely like u. U helped me a lot in the short time they knew each other personally (3 years). I'm glad you told me this while I was here and I with pride state, of new. I love u. Sincerely, I love u old man. Thank U for loving us. #DickGregory that left the world in a better place than u found it. Love and Respect always.

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The Execution of The Jewels of the MC has expressed his love and admiration for the ico


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