Did JAY-Z to Convince Vic Mensa To Take A Lil Yachty Diss "The Autobiography"?

HipHop News Posted on July 27, 2017 at 7:30am

Did JAY-Z to Convince Vic Mensa To Take A Lil Yachty Diss "The Autobiography"?

"I don't need to be the tears of another young black man."

Los Angeles, CA – JAY-Z is not just a business, man, apparently also a specialist in conflict resolution.

Speaking on Big Boy's Neighbourhood, Vic Mensa told the story of how JAY convinced him to remove a thesis from a topic of their upcoming album, " The Autobiography.

Asked about the tips of his Roc Nation boss gave him for the album, Mensa, said, "You know it is funny. There was a situation where there was a line that was a kind of disrespect to anybody and it was not really necessary, and I just wanted it because it was a good bar."

"I took it off and I actually ... don't wanna take it off, at all. I played it for him and he didn't really say to take it at all, and later he hit me up, thinking and said: "I think you should take it there for this reason.'"

Mensa revealed that he was not very convinced at the beginning, before disclosing that, "He said something to me that was a very good advice for me to grow. He told me "what to you, but what you are doing does not work in your favor because your heart is not in him."

The 24-year-old admitted that once he thought about JAY's advice, changed his mind.

"That made me think, because my man got the child and I was dissin' another rapper of truth that there is no reason", he explained. "That really changed my perspective on the same. I don't need to be tearing down another black youth, regardless of whether I like the music or not ... We have to be more united than that."

Mensa also spoke about how it goes to other rappers only removes the general message of his music.

"I don't want to be doing that. My message and my purpose is much bigger than dissin' rappers. It is not really about the rappers for me. It is about real people."

But all this raises the question of who has saved them from the Mensa of the ira thanks to JAY from the intervention?

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