DJ Quik Working On Joint EP With Scarface & "BlaqKout" Track With Kurupt

HipHop News Posted on August 18, 2017 at 3:37pm

DJ Quik Working On Joint EP With Scarface & "BlaqKout" Track With Kurupt

#DXclusive: West Coast and towards the South the legends talk about their upcoming collaborations.

Los Angeles, CA – During its los Angeles stop at The Novo by the Microsoft Theater on Thursday (August 17), DJ Quik spoke with DX about his relationship with Scarface, the initial concept of the tour and with the collaboration of an EP with the Facemob leader.

"I think it's an EP in the first place because my ADD won't let me do an album," Quik said #DXLive host Jake Rohn. "Scarface and I are working on an EP in reality. We are actually recording every show we do in Protools all came out. We're going to listen back to it after the tour is done and in the meantime, we are writing the lyrics and the music on the bus. That only makes sense to make an EP, not just to sell and have an output log, but to make this whole experience and give people to feel a vibe."

DJ Quik + Scarface With The firing Squad - THE LIVE EXPERIENCE of 2017

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Currently, Quik and Face on a 12-date tour, with a possibility of additional stops. The joint between the comes of a friendship that dates back to the earliest moments of their careers.

"The first time that me and Scarface met was in 1991," said Quik. "We were on tour with MC Hammer and I think that Chubb Rock was there with us, Kris Kross and was the Geto Boys and us. It was Ice Cube's Amerikkka's most Wanted tour. I think that the Geto Boys were to promote that we Can not Be Stopped and I was the promotion of Quik Is The Name. We met and he was just a cool, down to earth and a solid friend. I had already loved his music for years. When he had come here to visit, I would stay with him until me and drive him around. Do not call any taxi and we just build from there."

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When DX spoke with the Face of the same, he spoke about everything from his relationship with Quik officially retire next year, after spending 30 years in the game.

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