Dj Rob Swift & Z-Trip To Remember Linkin Park, Chester Bennington

HipHop News Posted on July 21, 2017 at 1:07am

Dj Rob Swift & Z-Trip To Remember Linkin Park, Chester Bennington

EXCLUSIVE: The X-Ecutioner and pioneering mash-up DJ look back on his time with the late singer.

As the shock of Chester Bennington's suicide continues to bounce through the music community, several of his co-workers talk about their experiences with the charismatic vocalist of Linkin Park.

DJ Rob Swift of the X-Ecutioners, who collaborated with Linkin Park in 2001's "it's Goin' Down", was given the rare opportunity to open for the band in the Hybrid Theory Tour in 2002. It reminds you of a certain tour stop in Lincoln, Nebraska, where the X-Ecutioners were not exactly given a warm welcome.

"One of my best memories of Chester took place in Lincoln," Swift tells HipHopDX. "The X-Ecutioners were the opening act. It was the middle of winter and the cold is felt outside of the areas of Linkin Park full, I would say that the reception of the X-Ecutioners were receiving from their fans in reality, it was more cold.

"People just didn't know how to take one of three brothers of the City of New York cuttin' up 'Shook Ones' quotes mobb Deep at the stage," he continues. "I vividly remember Chester stop on our bus tour after that show and that gives us a talk. He was like, 'We brought the X-Ecutioners in this tour because you guys are awesome, so don't let a few boos shake the group." He gave us the vote of confidence that we needed to end the tour. Chester the soul was pure, then, now, and is going to stay pure as he embarks on this new journey."

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, DJ Z-Trip (real name Zach Sciacca) is also formed a connection with Bennington, who was from the same Southwestern city. Bennington appeared on Z-Trip's major label debut, in 2005, of the gearshift, together with artists like Murs, Chuck D, Jurassic 5 Chali 2na and Lyrics Born.

"We both came out of the music scene in Arizona," Z-Trip explains to DX. "We are bonded by that. We were so happy that we had done. When we sit down to do a song for my record, I said, 'Let's do something really different". We ended up exploring the dark side of life after death with 'Walking Dead.


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