DJ Tony Drake's New Animated Series, Wants to Fill Void Left By "The boondocks"

HipHop News Posted on September 14, 2017 at 9:36am

DJ Tony Drake's New Animated Series, Wants to Fill Void Left By "The boondocks"

The Indies> is about to shake up the entertainment and music industries.

It is widely recognized that the business of the music, sometimes full of shady practices that tend to favor everyone except the artist. A Baltimore area resident, DJ Tony Drake, is the combination of all her passions in a unique animated expression of A Tribe Called Quest's industry rule #4080: record company people are shady.

Tony Drake's next animated series, The Indies, aims to shake up the entertainment and music industries simultaneously, filling the void that shows like The boondocks and Afro Samurai left behind.

As said Afropunk recently, the startup program of the wine of the realization that there is no type of entertainment that spoke directly to the Hip Hop community without attempting to exploit the culture.

The new 2D animated series follows the misadventures of hungry up-and-coming rapper Spot, that it gets too gassed, and signed a recording contract without reading it. Unfortunately for Slick, he was not aware of tags is not only the home of mega-star, but also serve as fronts for hitman-for-hire services.

Throughout the series, a Spot of works out of your contract by completing quests and working vigorously in the completion of their debut album.

Along with the animation, there is a strong musical component. The soundtrack is composed of original songs recorded in the Grammy Award-winning House of Studies in DC. Each episode almost acts as a mini-mixtape.

"We've been pitching the show and the investors have been interested," Tony Drake told HipHopDX. "They love the history, the music and the art. I also love the fact that we can create toys, video games, and comics."

The show is currently receiving investment through Kickstarter.

"They just want proof that people want to see stories and characters like these," he explained. "That's why we're doing the kickstarter. By getting people to the back of The Indies, we are giving a direct line to Hollywood to say they want more characters and stories like t


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