Do not Call to Pete Rock An "Old Head" Unless You Want Him To React Like This

HipHop News Posted on August 4, 2017 at 2:35am

Do not Call to Pete Rock An "Old Head" Unless You Want Him To React Like This

The Soul Survivor there were some selective commentary for fellow producer Six Figga Digga over an Instagram post.

The City of new York, NY – the Legendary producer Pete Rock recently took great offense to an Instagram post that strongly criticized the Hip Hop pioneers of the' new era complaints, while also making reference to the perpetrators as "old heads."

The Instagram post was made by the companions of the City of New York producer and entrepreneur Darrell "Digga" Branch. The Harlem native, who is the responsible of hits, scored by JAY-Z, 50 Cent and cam'ron, released a self-created meme of himself that read: "the Old heads, stop complaining and show this generation why are you still here. You have a lane. It is up to you to drive."

This is not only a young man's game. I don't think so. The Fans are aging, but not the music. The Grateful Dead, Frankie Beverly, etc, are still touring and transmission. #beatgame #sixfigga #producersparadigm #harlemfinest #beatmaker #mpc #independentartist #hiphop

A post shared by Darrell"Digga"Branch (@sixfigga_digga) on July 31, 2017, at 4:24pm PDT

On Friday morning (August 4), the 47-year old Chocolate Boy Wonder crept into their mentions to the voice of his absolute disapproval by the pic, writing, "despise Not, then, to offer advice. That old head 80 years of age. You want people to listen to you after your "Old Head" comment? GTFOH smh ??♂️ there is a better way of saying what you want to say without insults. We are still here because we are the true passion that still exist. That is why I am still here. Tired of the post of randoms talking shit like someone is going to listen to you. Come better than that. FOH @sixfigga_digga."

Rock continued, "That fucking old in the head comment can kick rocks mofo. Looking for attention with that comment, I guess. That aint no life. Try doing what I do instead of throwing jabs at a certain muthafuckas. Post is stupid. I don't have ego, but one thing that does not have is tollerence of a person who has no fucking idea how we do what we do and the shit we have to


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