Donald Glover Demand Glassnote Records Of Money Owed

HipHop News Posted on September 19, 2018 at 4:18am

Donald Glover Demand Glassnote Records Of Money Owed

The creative powerhouse is forced to perform an audit to discover the money owed.

It may soon be time to pay for Donald Glover's former label home, Glassnote Entertainment.

According to a report of The Explosion, the DG is to sue his ex-label of royalties that he believes he should.

Presented just a few days ago on Friday (September 14), the lawsuit accuses Glassnote accumulate a large amount of money in cash out of the back of Glover, and is not paid the money owed to the artist who performs as Childish Gambino.

The Atlanta creator entered into a license agreement with Glassnote in 2011, the agreement to split the profits with the label.

An audit Glover out before the demand found that the Glassnote does not pay him on numerous occasions.

The transmission of Digital royalty, a calculation error fees of Canada benefits, decrease in international revenue, taking excessive deductions, and thereby falsifying their sales of goods among the numerous ways in which Glover has stalled.

Although it is unknown the exact amount of which Glover is the cause of the demand, which makes supposedly I think it should be $700,000 a month on streaming royalties alone.

His lawsuit comes months after Glover signed a recording contract with RCA Records, along with its creative agency Wolf + Rothstein.


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