Double Threat: Fat Joe Tackle Movies And Music With "Night School" And "Family Ties" Album

HipHop News Posted on September 27, 2018 at 7:40am

Double Threat: Fat Joe Tackle Movies And Music With "Night School" And "Family Ties" Album

#DXCLUSIVE: "Tell everyone we're like two songs away from a classic!" Don Cartegena exclaimed.

Los Angeles, CA – While the beautification of the rap music has been a constant of the standard since its creation, has not been too many cases when Fat Joe was accused of being a liar.

So when he tells her that he bullied his way through the high school like his illustrious rap career — straight to the front of the class, you know that he is telling the truth.

"I was terrible, a troublemaker, the class clown, do not pay attention, and do not tell anyone to do this, but that is a fact and I never lie," a chuckle, " Fat Joe tells HipHopDX ahead of his role of Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish on a School Night of comedy. "So we emphasize with the children how important education is. You might have the jewellery, you could have a car, you may have money, but you can take everything out. The only thing that you can't bring an education and more and more people are in need these days."

The Don Cartagena co-stars in the film as "Bobby", an incarcerated offender that virtually songs of the prison in hopes of obtaining her GED. Of course, the slapstick moments occur, also thanks to a cast that features Rob Riggle, Taran Killam and Romany Malchus.

"The man was so crazy," he recalls of the filming experience. "Kevin Hart was a fool on PCP, eh! There was a scene where he was high. Never made the film and was tweaking. Tiffany Haddish was like, 'Yo, high-boy! Is high. I know a crack head when I see one!' It was very funny, but they do not. Don't do that. It is in the loss of the tapes."

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Tonight was our first screening of "Night School" in Miami. my brother @kevinhart4real had me in tears 😂 - SCHOOL NIGHT September 28, in all parts

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When asked about their (lack of) contribution to the Malcolm D. Lee-directed film of the soundtrack ("I got lost in that. I played myself," he sheepishly admits), Joey Crack was also very happy to plug


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