Dr. Dre Breaks Down How Social Media Ruined Artist, Mystical

HipHop News Posted on May 24, 2020 at 6:33am

Dr. Dre Breaks Down How Social Media Ruined Artist, Mystical

The doctor wants to build schools - and also enjoy the days of the artist's emotion.

Throughout their near three decades of the association, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, have not only revolutionized the music industry, who have gone from pop culture. From Beats headphones to the signing of Eminem and 50 Cent and help turn them into global superstars, the couple has had a hand in shaping the world as we know it.

As The Defiant Ones stars change your approach to change in education, Dre and Iovine sat down with British GQ to give their opinions on various topics, from the school to the innovation and, of course, fame in the social media age..centered-ad {

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"I probably would've hated social media when I was young" Dre says that about 15 minutes of the interview. "There is a certain halo of mystery is destroyed. I like the mystical. I like to wait. I don't need anyone to know where I am every minute or what I'm doing. Or what I'm going to do".

He added, "There is a certain halo of mystery that came along with the music that was entertaining to wait to see what was going to happen."

Dre of the social media presence is almost mundane by comparison. He hardly tweets, rarely posts photos in Instagram, and, often, the jobs do not feel as he wrote. But, he and Iovine to understand the evolution of the fame in the social media of the time.

"I don't know the impact of Instagram, it is not mutual," Iovine said. "If Michael Jackson had Instagram, he


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