Draft Speaks Of Sobriety And Pick Up The Pieces After A Serious Car Accident

HipHop News Posted on August 2, 2017 at 5:31am

Draft Speaks Of Sobriety And Pick Up The Pieces After A Serious Car Accident

#DXCLUSIVE: The Rhymesayers MC assumes a new role as director and opens up about his newfound passion.

Columbus, OH – Everything changed on the 22nd of July 2015, when Blueprint, Supastition and DJ Rare Groove had a brush with death on the back roads of the rural area of Iowa. While on the road in support of the Rhymesayers MC of the album, King Without a Crown, a car slammed into their tour van to 60 m.p.h., causing the van to flip twice and land on its side. Luckily, no one was injured, but the emotional wounds were very deep.

Two years later, the Columbus, Ohio native has embarked on a new journey — the King Without a Crown Film Tour. With the support of their loved ones and the fans, he was able to pick up the pieces and move forward after the accident.

"I have to give my mom, to my team and to the fans credit for that," the Blueprint says to HipHopDX. "I was very discouraged, but my mother told me to keep my head high and at least see if I could find a way to finish the tour. Then he speaks to DJ Rare Groove, and Supastition about it, I could see that although things were bad, they believed in me and that we could make something work. That gave me the encouragement to not give up."

The uncrowned King of the Film Revolves revolves around the Print opening of the movie, the King Without a Crown (The Movie), which he wrote, directed, edited, scored and starred in. The film was a natural progression of his passion for photography.

"I started to have an appreciation for the way in which the images could tell stories, and saw that the camera could be used as another medium to tell stories, like music, "he explains. "I've read a few basic books on video production and those interested in diving deeper, so that was always going to have a mess with the camera when I wasn't working on his album. Making videos of music that has me more curious, finally, trying to make a real movie."

It is described as, "A look behind the curtain of the life of independent Hip-Hop MC and producer Plan reveals the ups and downs of being a successful, but


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