Drake & OVO-Shoot "Gyalchester Video" In Toronto

HipHop News Posted on August 3, 2017 at 3:41am

Drake & OVO-Shoot "Gyalchester Video" In Toronto

Drizzy will be opening a new OVO flagship store in his hometown, this weekend.

Toronto, ON – Drake, the latest project in which Most of the Life has been marketed as a playlist instead of a traditional album, as the Canadian artist himself, the display of the videos of the music has been different from what is traditionally expected from a studio release.

Almost five months after the album's spring release date, still has not been a music video released for any of its 22 tracks. This may soon change, with the latest indications point to a visual effect of "Gyalchester" have been filmed in Toronto by Drake and his collective, October's Own partners.

Drake will be debuting his new OVO Flagship Store this Saturday, August 5 in Toronto, located in the Shopping Center Yorkdale. Helps to promote the upcoming opening, Drake and his OVO team shot an exclusive performance of "Gyalchester" to Yorkdale. In the visual, Drake and his partners walk through the mall, dressed in sweaters that carries the famous OVO stealth. The multi-platinum rapper the soles of your feet at the top of a movement of the Cadillac Escalade and do what you do best. The video cuts out after a minute, ending with a still image of the word "Yorksdale."

In HipHopDX, Scott Glaysher, our reviewer, thought that Most of the Life, "I had a lot of exciting moments that will ensure that this project useful life." Also eincluded in our Albums of 2017 (up to Now) of the list where we said "Drake did exactly what he needed to with their VIEWS of follow-up: keeps the hit parade, he addressed his rival in the head (for anyone who can detect a subliminal) and expanded its global street cred with savvy international features at the same time keeping the bets low for the framing of the release as a "playlist" instead of an official disc."

Take a look at the "Gyalchester" promotion of performance above.


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