Dumbfoundead & Open Mike Eagle Spit Bars On "Adventure Time"

HipHop News Posted on September 19, 2017 at 2:15am

Dumbfoundead & Open Mike Eagle Spit Bars On "Adventure Time"

Rekstizzy also made an appearance on the Cartoon Network.

The rappers Dumbfoundead, Open Mike Eagle and Rekstizzy all featured in a new episode of cartoon Network's Adventure Time on Sunday (17 September).

The episode, titled "the Son of Rap-Bear", was part of four new back-to-back episodes that premiered this past weekend. It was the first of the new episodes of Adventure Time on the air since mid-July.

The episode starts with the Son of Rap Bear – expressed by Dumbfoundead – beat a gingerbread man, which is interpreted by the Open Mike Eagle, in a rap battle in an open mic night. The son of Rap Bear going head-to-head against the Flame of the Princess, the ruler of one of the many realms. When the battle comes around, the Son of Rap Bear takes a series of pictures to the Flame of the Princess, leaving the audience convinced that you will walk away as the winner. Flame Princess begins his round with some soft verbal jabs, only to later drown in front of the crowd. However, after continuous teasing of the audience, she loses her cool and lets out a series of lethal injections to gain more attendees.

"I thought that was the God of the rap, rivaled by no one/ But I'm more like bubble wrap, because she had crushed me for the fun, the" Son of Rap Bear spits out after you have received a decisive L.

Dumbfoundead, Open Mike Eagle and Rekstizzy's not just the rappers that have appeared on Adventure Time. In 2010, Biz Markie lent his voice as the voice of Snorlock, while in 2013 and 2016, Donald Glover – also known musically as Childish Gambino – and played the role of Marshall Lee for two episodes.

After its premiere on Sunday, Dumbfoundead released a series of clips from the episode to her Instagram. The former battle, the rapper has been busy with TV and film recently, even with a recurring role on Season 3 of the 50 Cent executive-produced show Power, and of the parts of the Bad reputation documentary and the Body, the rap battle of the satire of the movie produced by Eminem, which prem


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