Eminem "curtain Call" Is the Billboard Hip Hop Album Chart G. O. A. T.

HipHop News Posted on August 2, 2017 at 5:59am

Eminem "curtain Call" Is the Billboard Hip Hop Album Chart G. O. A. T.

Add that to the Shadow's list of accolades.

The inimitable Slim Shady has just reached another milestone in his illustrious career. The Motor City's rap god 2005 ALBUM, curtain Call: The Hits, has become Billboard's longest charting Hip-Hop album chart history. Debuting at #1 in 2005, the 7X-platinum collection greatest hits has spent an astonishing figure of 350 weeks on the Billboard 200.

Of course, it is not Eminem's only album to perform so well. 2002 The Eminem Show has spent an impressive 329 weeks on the Billboard 200, while in 2010, the Recovery has remained around 288 weeks.

Although this is, without a doubt, breaks a Billboard 200 record, Em might have some more tricks in the sleeve. Normally, the elusive artist has recently posted a "Happy Birthday" video from 50 Cent, which found him rapping the lyrics to 50's "Places To Go" and before that, the bearded version of Em was taking pictures with 2 Chainz.

Sooo this jus happened ......#marshalllikestrapmusic 🌸🏚🤧

A post shared by 2 Chainz Aka Tity Boi (@hairweavekiller) on Jun 23, 2017 at 10:17pm PDT

But the most eyebrow-raising bit of news came from an interview with The Defiant Ones " director Allen Hughes, who casually mentioned the Dr. Dre was the production, in the 11th hour, a track for the latest album of Eminem."

Only a couple of guys from Compton and one of the Detroit. With a beard. #thedefiantones

A post shared by Marshall Mathers (@eminem) on Jun 23, 2017, at 12:53pm PDT

Although there are more details on the mythical album of Eminem available at this time, if he is finalizing a record, let's hope more information of the surface in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, the Ma is likely to be focused in your next rap battle comedy film, with lot of Body, which was announced earlier this week. Em serves as the producer of the film.


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