Eminem Is (Still) Upset With America

HipHop News Posted on December 18, 2017 at 8:00am

Eminem Is (Still) Upset With America

Slim Shady opens up to the "Revival" and its uncertain future in the music industry.

As fans (and critics) continue to dissect Eminem, the ninth studio album, the Rebirth, the man behind the 19-track effort also has its own analytical thoughts in their more recent work. In a new interview with NPR, the "Rap God's" brain opened up about the concepts behind some of the songs on the album and think about his future in the music business. Mostly, it explains why he is displeased with the nation, and how the album art and title of bonds in that mode of thinking.

"The title just a little bit of sense with all that the album is about, and as the songs started coming together, it began to make more and more sense to call it that," he explains. "The cover is me with my head down, because as much as I love our country, we have the shit that we have to work. We have the shit that we have to improve in. It's a bit like, I love our country; I'm upset with her right now."

"It is something that has been building for a while," he adds. "Seeing the Triumph of the thing has been ... frustrating."

Em did his dissatisfaction with the Triumph clear with the shooting of "the Day of the Elections," and Big Sean's "No Favors," before gutting him in a scathing freestyle in 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards in the month of October. It is a theme he unapologetically picks up throughout the album, making it clear the 45-years of age, has been paying attention.

"Just seeing how this develops and watching what happened with Obama and seeing all the steps that are carried forward ... it feels like we have taken as many steps back as we had forward and we are right back to where the fuck we were," he says. "In the beginning, as I felt like, 'you know what, why not? It seems to Me a smart business man. Maybe it will help with the deficit, or whatever.'"

"And then I begins to hear talk about it," he continues. "And the more you speak, the more your true colors are showing. I was watching the thing live when he was saying, " When Mexico sends to his people, not


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