Freeway Rick Ross Airs Out John Singleton More Of "Snowy" Exclusion

HipHop News Posted on July 31, 2017 at 8:26am

Freeway Rick Ross Airs Out John Singleton More Of "Snowy" Exclusion

#DXclusive: the reform of The capo of the drug also goes into detail about the relationship he built with Roc Nation's Freeway, opposed to the struggle that he endured with Ricky Rozay.

Los Angeles, CA – July 5 premiere of FX's new show of Snow there was in the hype of the beast in full effect since it allegedly broke the infiltration and the devastation of crack in Los Angeles. The show, which is set in the 80's was produced by John Singleton, who also co-wrote the pilot episode.

With all this in mind, the #DXLive crew welcome in the Freeway Rick Ross. For better or worse, he was L. A.'s original crack capo to bring in six and sometimes even seven-figures a day during its heyday. Ross ran the West Coast before, finally, he went to prison for their clandestine activities. When they brought us up to the Snow, we realized Rick would have been requested for this project. If nothing else, at least to be hired as a consultant. But as it turns out, the show is a kind of pain in the place of the old American Gangster.

I didn't see [Snow]. I'm boycotting it," Ross said Trent and Jake. "John [Singleton] bought my book. He knows me very well and I was going to do a [sic] film about the crack in the decade of the 80's and not coming to consult with me. He and I had lunch together before he spoke about the history. That was going to go out and do a [project] of this nature. It was like a slap in the face," he added.

Ross, who is currently a person on probation, said that despite his relationship with the famous director, learned of the shows in the same way that the rest of us did.

"Not to [mention anything about the Snow when we first met] I have read about him in the newspaper. Fact when I met with The Weinsteins' Company, one of the things that they were worried about was him doing Snowy, because it is so closely related, but luckily for me everyone knows that is not the real story. It is far from the true story and I have received good feedback from a lot of people saying that the story was far-fetched and almost unbelievable, it is so fake." Said Ross, who noticed that a Singleton of the people approached him after the first s


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