Go Silk Explains How Keith Cowboy & Lovebug Starkski Gave Hip Hop Its Name

HipHop News Posted on February 10, 2018 at 7:06am

Go Silk Explains How Keith Cowboy & Lovebug Starkski Gave Hip Hop Its Name

#DXCLUSIVE: Cowboy's best friend of the Dynamite also talks about the moment in which the term was born.

Hip Hop pioneer Lovebug Starski, died Thursday (February 8) and the news of his death quickly rippled throughout the Hip Hop community.

The legendary New York City Hip Hop promoter Van Silk, who had been a friend of Starski, since they were teenagers that grew up in the Bronx, he noticed that many people incorrectly accreditation Starski for coining the term "Hip Hop".

But Silk notes that in reality it was Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 Keith "Cowboy" Wiggins who came up with the name.

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"The term Hip Hop was coined by Keith Cowboy of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 and Lovebug Starski popularized," Silk explains to HipHopDX. "Now, our two brothers are gone and cannot be played. But I guess discuss now together.

"I have seen many articles written by what I call the false news of the industry, giving Lovebug credit for the term," he adds. "I want to tell the truth to those who were not there."

According to Cowboy's best friend and Nice and Soft to the administrator of the Dynamite, the term "Hip Hop" came to life during a particular park jam, where a group of friends were saying goodbye to Billy Bill who was going out to the Army of the united states.

"I met Cowboy around 1970," Dynamite says DX. "To me, Lovebug Cowboy and they all grew up as kids playing together. Cowboy moved on the block, and was the first to introduce to Hip Hop. He told us about Grandmaster Flash — this was before the Furious 5. Pete DJ Jones was the first DJ in the Bronx and was Starski introduction of Hip-Hop.

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"Around 1976, 1977, Cowboy and Starski were both competing for the attention of Grandmaster Flash," he continues.


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