Hollow Da Don Reaches To "The Daily Struggle" To Discuss Whether The Battle Rap Is Dead

HipHop News Posted on September 14, 2017 at 2:28am

Hollow Da Don Reaches To "The Daily Struggle" To Discuss Whether The Battle Rap Is Dead

Hollow vs Budden, part two.

The City of new York, NY – The last time we saw Hollow Da Don and Joe Budden match wits, both were on the stage at "Total Slaughter" trying to take each other's heads in a rap battle.

Fresh from the battles in 2017 against the Cali legend of a disaster and the URL of the heavy weight of the Tay Roc, the Hollow sat down with Budden once more — as well as with DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis — for an episode of the Daily Struggle.

Asked about the past weekend in the battle with Tay Roc at URL's Summer Madness 6, the card of the card, Hole made some typical deadpan clown, saying Nadeska "I mean, it was just humiliating, first of all, to have my peers show love, but ... yes, I have."

Joe Budden deleted comments he made on Twitter last week on the current state of the battle rap culture, by explaining that he has been falsely accused of saying that "battle rap is dead". Akademiks also weighed in on this point, saying Gap that has been a long time since a battle event ended up on his "radar".

Me & @joebudden Title of how this conversation went.

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It is a recurring theme in discussions about the culture of recent times. The main actors in the scene have taken a step away through the years, while many of the masters of the sport has not been able to match the performances or the popularity of its peak. The output of the premier uk rap battle league don't Flop has also been arrested in recent months, after internal struggles between the staff.

Hollow gave a thoughtful response, saying: "it doesn't matter what your perception of the 'dead'."

In reference to the surge of mainstream attention to the scene received in 2012 after Loaded Lux vs Calicoe, Hollow asked, "Is alive because JAY-Z is tweeting it, or because people are talking about it, as because of a Complex or these are the selling points of the promotion? That's not to say that


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