How JAY-Z AND Solange in the Elevator of the Hotel Fight Essentially Inspired 3 Amazing Albums

HipHop News Posted on July 26, 2017 at 9:39am

How JAY-Z AND Solange in the Elevator of the Hotel Fight Essentially Inspired 3 Amazing Albums

Coincidentally, the club night where it dropped down that has an address that begins with "444."

New York, NY – Solange slap heard around the world, which was addressed to his brother-in-law JAY-Z for allegedly cheating on Beyoncé, it went down in The Standard Le Bain nightclub in 2014. Interestingly, the address of that building is 444 West 13th Street, the same sequence of numbers that is used to baptize JAY-Z's latest album.

TMZ exposed the fight between JAY and Bey's little sister in the elevator after they had left a Met Gala afterparty. Many speculated Solange was defending Beyoncé, because he was, according to reports, the participation in some type of inappropriate activity with Dame Dash ex-wife Rachel Roy.

These were all rumours. The only proof that anyone had was the ass whooping JAY took the elevator while Queen Bey looked and their bodyguard Julius arbitrated.

As the fans began to theorize about what happened between The Road of the night, the parties involved were busy putting the incident in a song for our listening pleasure.

In April 2016, Beyoncé launched LEMONADE and fueled the rumors that JAY-Z had cheated on with a certain "Becky-with-the-good-hair". Then, Solange arrived with his impressive sound for A Seat At The Table at the end of September 2016. Finally, JAY-Z, confirmed by all with 4:44 in June of 2017 (and gave us a dope freestyle of Blue Ivy).

During an iHeartRadio interview, JAY-Z revealed that the 4:44 represents the time in which he woke up and wrote the draft of the title track, which includes a confession that he did, in fact, cheat the Queen Bey.

So, it all comes full circle. Instead of continuing to allow a famous gossip rag earn dollars in advertising outside the private family struggle, all of them in consequence released albums. Now, they will be the main obtaining of the bag of the realization of the songs on the infamous event in place of the media to report on it.

LEMONADE Beyonce won a Peabody Award, two Grammy Awards, nine Grammy nominations (three of them for the "Trai


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