How to Phora Life Changed after Surviving the Shots to Sign With Warner Bros.

HipHop News Posted on August 20, 2017 at 5:35am

How to Phora Life Changed after Surviving the Shots to Sign With Warner Bros.

#DXclusive: The Anaheim rapper wants to be a living example of that "everything is possible" motto.

Los Angeles, CA – Phora is back and better than ever.

After surviving a shot new in 2015, there was no way that the Anaheim rapper would settle for nothing less that greatness. Now, after the signing of an agreement with Warner Bros Records, who has returned with his debut album titled Truly Yours for Always.

backstage with @PHORAONE 🤘🏾 "sincerely yours forever" out now!

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Friday (August 18), Phora, he completed his last tour with an album release show at de NOVO in Los Angeles. HipHopDX met up with him backstage to talk about the signing of a major label after being independent for all these years.

#phora fall knowledge 💡 debut album #yourstrulyforever now! @phoraone

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HipHopDX: What is the biggest takeaway that you want people to get out of your music?

Phora: to maintain a positive attitude. Be yourself. Follow your dreams. Any thing is possible. What I want to be in this life, you can do so. No matter what you want to be in this life. Everything is possible to 100 percent.

DX: Congratulations on your debut album. Now that is out, how do you feel?

Phora: it Is a crazy feeling. There has been so many years, so much to put in this project. I'm very excited. I'm happy for people to receive this album. I'm ready to go to the next level from here.

DX: In his recording of "God," you say, "If I don't have my computer, I have stubbed my fuckin' brains by now." How low did you get?

Phora: Especially when I wrote the track 'God,' I was dealing with a lot of things. Death. A lot of people around me ... just to lose to the people. I was in one of the low points of my life, but I feel that surrounding yourself with good people and people that really care about you is very important. Thank God for these people that I surrounded myself. That kept me


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