J. Cole Teases "KOD" Deluxe "The Fall Off" Project And Kill Edward Album

HipHop News Posted on April 27, 2018 at 1:25am

J. Cole Teases "KOD" Deluxe "The Fall Off" Project And Kill Edward Album

And takes a sly shot at Kanye West.

J. Cole hit Twitter on Thursday (April 26) for an impromptu Q&A with the fans about his newly released album, KOD.

It is a couple of days after Cole opened up about his fifth LP studio for a new interview with Vulture.

Cole offered for the first time your favorite songs on the album.

Window Of Pain. Then, between Parentheses, and The Cut-off point. Check back with me is going to change https://t.co/x7CUQ4KFVI

— J. Cole (@JColeNC) April 26, 2018

He later revealed the first version of KOD took just two weeks to put it together, but the final editing took much more time.

The first version of the album was done in 2 weeks. The Final version of KOD that was released it took 6 months in total https://t.co/WxF7qvJCcH

— J. Cole (@JColeNC) April 26, 2018

Cole, admits one of his favorite bars of the LP appears in the second verse of "BRACKETS".

Damn it's Too hard. "One of the things about the men who controllin' the pen that writes the story... They always seem to white out sins." https://t.co/zcKficrdd5

— J. Cole (@JColeNC) April 26, 2018

The Dreamville Records bossman also mentioned a deluxe version of KOD fall in the near future.

KOD deluxe will be the album in its original 2 week form. In addition to a couple of extra scenes that did not make the final cut. https://t.co/ruT2p28ovl

— J. Cole (@JColeNC) April 26, 2018

Cole ends KOD with "1985 (Introduction to 'The Fall Off')," a track many fans believe that is a t-shirt for your next work. He confirmed that is currently working on a project called The Fall Off.

Working on it. https://t.co/uLBD8evCpe

— J. Cole (@JColeNC) April 26, 2018

Cole also revealed his alter-ego, to kill edward, has an album on the horizon.

I was working at the falls. And help to kill edward with his album. @killhisways but he does not tweet much. https://t.co/L4hI1Bqwdp

— J. Cole (@JColeNC) April 26, 2018

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