Jason Mitchell & Algee Smith On The Importance Of The Detroit Riots' Of The Story

HipHop News Posted on August 4, 2017 at 10:42am

Jason Mitchell & Algee Smith On The Importance Of The Detroit Riots' Of The Story

#DXclusive: Both growing from the actors star in the new thriller "Detroit" and really had to dig deep for the role.

Detroit, MI – The young career of Jason Mitchell and Algee Smith have already been promising. Breaking up like Eazy-E in 2015 is Straight Outta Compton and Ralph Tresvant in this year the New Edition biopic respectively, both Jason and Algee path could not be greater.

Kathryn Bigelow's visceral and heart-rending new film Detroit based on real events brings the two together with the 1967 civil uprising in Detroit as a backdrop. Algee plays Larry Cleveland Reed, lead singer of soul group The Dramatics and Jason shows of 17 years, Carl Cooper, who was brutally executed by a white Detroit police officer.

HipHopDX was able to catch up with both Jason and Algee in Detroit as they got ready for the world premiere of the film to talk about their young careers and the importance of stories, as he said in Detroit.

"It [has] been an awakening," Jason exclaims. "When you have the talent you always have something within you [that] you feel like you need to show the world, but you are going through a thing, where you're like, 'Am I crazy? I am shooting?' So it's good to finally be able to show myself, to the world, and respond the way you thought."

Algee interrupted, smiling, "For me, I've always known that I wanted to be in entertainment and I've always seen myself as that, but dealing with the projects that really mean something to the culture, touches the hearts of the people, and makes people walk away feeling a different way? That is something that I could never ask for. But it has been overwhelming, with all the love that we receive. People actually see on the screen and it feels like we're connected. Just get the love has been the best".

The Algiers Motel Massacre, which claimed three Black people lives while ruining several others, is something that touches the members of the cast and allowed them to be educated in the history through this film.

"To me, personally, I knew a little about the riots," says Algee. "All the rebellions


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