Joe Budden Denies $5M of the Revolt According to Rumor

HipHop News Posted on December 27, 2017 at 5:04am

Joe Budden Denies $5M of the Revolt According to Rumor

The bag is not secured.

Joe Budden don't take your podcast to the Rebellion of TV, the discrediting of the rumors that arose after his departure from the Complex of the Fight all day.

During Episode 142 of Joe Budden's Podcast, the Slaughterhouse member joked with co-hosts Evil and Rory Farrell about the rumor of them signing a $5 million deal to bring the show to Diddy of the company. Evil and Farrell shared anecdotes about all the people congratulate on this non-existent offer, looking at how the power of social media led to the dissemination of false news, like wildfire.

Budden was not bothered by the rumor that circulates, but was in disbelief about the details, claiming it was for his podcast.

"See, I didn't mind the rumor," he said around the 1:50 mark of the episode. "The wild fucking, it was said that for the podcast. Then it was like, 'Aw damn. Damn, we done broke the bank!' For a podcast? Five milli? Shit."

Although the rumor has been disproved, it is easy to see why people believed it. Budden linked with the Revolt of a year in review special on the heels of its day-to-day Struggle of output. Diddy has also shown a desire to do popular podcasts part of your network, as seen by N. O. R. E. and DJ EFN-the Drink of Champs joined the Revolt of the training.

Who better to do the balance of the year ? 😏 #CreatorsKeepCreating

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Budden's next move is still unknown, but the internet can officially talk about the $5 million podcast to try the rest. Perhaps these rumors have been given Diddy an idea for the Rebellion's next big signing, though.


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