Joe Budden Ends The Unemployment With The Revolt Of Agreement

HipHop News Posted on January 2, 2018 at 12:29am

Joe Budden Ends The Unemployment With The Revolt Of Agreement

Joe Budden and Diddy is ready to get money together.

Joe Budden had a hell of a year 2017, and according to a video posted by Revolt, he is on the verge of having a major 2018.

The former host of Complex day-to-day Struggle that took a couple of minutes for Diddy lavish NYE bash in Miami to discuss his many blessings in a short interview. After about 23 seconds, Diddy interrupts him, getting right to the company asking, "are you ready to receive the money with me?" Budden quickly responds by saying, "are you ready to receive the money with me?"

"Are you ready to put this black excellence in a whole n other platform?" Diddy continues. "I want you to ask the hard questions."

The release announcement comes after Budden's recent end-of-year special with Charlamagne Tha God, which helped fuel a rumor that Budden had signed with the Revolt of a course of $5 million, although Budden denied that.

Fans of Budden were quick to send congratulations and reactions through Twitter to learn the news.

Welp, the unemployment has not spent a lot of time!!

— Sht U Thnk (@TweetingPizzazz) January 2, 2018

About the time...I'm going through Budden retreat. 😂

— LaTanya Bagley (@mizvonn2) January 2, 2018

Both for the unemployed of the problems.

— If_Yousayso (@Ifyousay_so) January 2, 2018

Let's hope that u ask the difficult questions as diddy said

— nick seviour (@seviour_nick) January 2, 2018

already?? dam u don't waste no time

— Derrick Lajeunesse (@madeinny22) January 1, 2018

Diddy definitely will let u smoke in the bathroom.

— Dontea Dawson (@donteadotcom) January 1, 2018

In December, Budden announced that he had to the left of the complexity, and the show that he helped to propel to fame as the result of what he described as a corporate attempt to be unfair to the creatives and the culture of Hip-Hop. His departure was met with the disappointment of the fans who came to accept Struggle every day as part of your daily r


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