Joe Budden In Usher $20M Lawsuit: "All These Niggas out I have Herpes"

HipHop News Posted on July 25, 2017 at 11:28am

Joe Budden In Usher $20M Lawsuit: "All These Niggas out I have Herpes"

The Game also came to Usher's defense.

New York, NY – $20 million dollar lawsuit accusing Usher of spreading herpes to a woman after knowledge of their positive diagnosis has dominated the headlines this week. As expected, Joe Budden chimed in on the topic during an episode of the Complexes of the Fight all day.

Joe believes that the woman to obtain the total amount she is demanding, and joked about SEX, saying that, "it's going sometimes."

"All these niggas out I have herpes," Budden said with a laugh. "Dirty dick fucks. You think that just running around sticking their dicks in each groupie at the concert did not contract anything?"

The allegations have become Usher in something like a pariah and led to countless jokes on social networks. Court documents claim the "U Got It Bad" singer and contracted the incurable virus around 2009. However, some are trying not to pile on of Usher for this bad news cycle.

"This is not really news," Budden added. "But I will say this, every time that I've known Usher has been really amazing. He is a great man and a great person, and I look up to him and what he has done in his term of office and the music...I feel bad for talking about Usher have herpes."

The Game also adds his two cents on the situation, arriving at 38 years old R&B singer's defense on Instagram.

"Stop tryna tear niggas with all this maybe fake shit, Jane Doe this & Jane Doe," Game said. "A week ago all over the world to usher fans, now because of a health condition that may or may not have, your shit out of usher, stay away from him, his wife should have done this, etc"

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Lias Bloom, the attorney who represents the woman in the lawsuit, has said that more women have come forward to say that they had sex with Usher after he realized his diagnosis. She also wrote on twitter that Usher is not the only famous artist who is a carrier of the virus and knowingly spread.

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