Joe Budden Speaks On Mental Health And Suicide, With The Grass Routes Podcast

HipHop News Posted on October 12, 2017 at 9:10am

Joe Budden Speaks On Mental Health And Suicide, With The Grass Routes Podcast

Hosts Brandon Hall and Erin Ashley Simon to talk with the veteran MC on the stigma in Hip Hop.

Joe Budden is joined Brandon Hall and Erin Ashley Simon in this week's episode of their Grass Routes Podcast. During the hour and 20 minutes of talk, they spoke of many issues, in particular mental health.

"In Hip Hop, hide everything ... Hip Hop, it was never good to be vulnerable," Budden said the drivers of the program when the conversation moved toward the stigma of mental health in Hip Hop. "I am grateful that today there are so many rappers that talk about it.

"Niggas are killing themselves to stay alive with all these pills ... and molly, lean and shit that's going to mix. We have seen enough of death that you'd think something would click. We need people like me, Charles Hamilton, and Logic to advocate for [consciousness]."

Hall praised Budden for being so open about the topic in the popular Complex of show the Daily Struggle.

"I was proud of you," he said, indicating that he was aware that the state of mind Budden was during the cypher promoting the Shady XV compilation, which was discussed earlier this year at the fair.

The episode in question is episode 167. Joe played on that specific freestyle when the topic of crying for help through music.

"I was in a very dark place and somehow, the genius of the people of the music and the production staff thought it would be a great idea for this movie-shit freestyle in the George Washington Bridge," he explained. "[If] I skipped then the whole world would have been amazed, and said, 'we don't see this coming' ... How? I've been saying this shit for a fucking month."

This sentiment is captured in the final verse of the bars: "These past few days I've been talking with my peers giving them cries for help/ I guess they need to see the tears ... but wait, wildest part of all that you are going to shoot a suicidal rapper right here on the bridge."

While on the topic of suicide, Budden told Simon that his darkest period was from 1995 to 2004, during which he had tried t


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