Kanye West Fans Plan #HeyMamaDay In Response To Taylor Swift

HipHop News Posted on August 31, 2017 at 7:19am

Kanye West Fans Plan #HeyMamaDay In Response To Taylor Swift

Here's what's all about.

Taylor Swift has a habit of rattling the cages.

The pop princess' new single, "Look What You made Me Do", has been interpreted by many as a shot at his long list of enemies, including Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Attentive fans picked up on the fact that the launch date of Swift's next album, Reputation, coincides with the 10th anniversary of the death of Donda West — Kanye's mother.

Coincidence or not, this detail has led some Twitter users band together for the newly coined Hey Mama Day, an event named after West's Late Registration track, "Hey Mama," is about his beloved mother.

The idea was presented in the West subreddit: "Basically, Taylor Swift has released a Kanye diss track, taken shots at Kim Paris, in the theft, and has stolen Kanye source and the cover art style for their new album Reputation. The most important thing is that she is planning to launch on the anniversary of the mother of Kanye, Donda West, the death — November 10. Please all share this around to get as wide a reach as possible and outstream Taylor, simultaneously, showing respect for Donda and increased support for Kanye himself."

friend of this new album of taylor swift is like what if an 8th grader tried to reach the life of paul aesthetic that is my take as a designer bye pic.twitter.com/Y9dTivHR5L

— sarah gorman (@thesarahgorman) August 23, 2017

It seems that the plan has gained some traction online. More than 3,000 people attend as an "event" in Facebook and there are many tweets in support of the same.

A user of the conclusion of "Hey Mama" can be transmitted to 288 times in the course of 24 hours, which means less than 20,000 people would have to overcome, "Look What You made Me Do" on Spotify.

So what is the word in #heymamaday? Is this a real thing? If so I am so down!!! @TeamKanyeDaily

— Breezus (@Its_BreezyBabyy) August 30, 2017

November 10, flow Hey Mama by Kanye West #HeyMamaDay


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