Lady Luck Bombs On Remy Ma, Ms. Hustle, & DJ Kay Slay During #DXLive

HipHop News Posted on July 31, 2017 at 5:40am

Lady Luck Bombs On Remy Ma, Ms. Hustle, & DJ Kay Slay During #DXLive

#DXclusive: What's beef? Additionally, Luck, along with Somaya Reece, offer up the first-ever interview about their latest venture: ILYCrowns.

Los Angeles, CA – Throughout the years, Lady Luck has had her fair share of ups, downs, and industry beefs. As a straight shooter, Luck has never been one to bite her tongue or mince her words. The New Jersey-born wordsmith recently stopped by the DXHQ with her fiancé and business partner Somaya Reece to chop it up with the #DXLive team about new ventures, music, and rap feuds — both old and new.

As anyone with two ears very well knows, the topic of rap beef always looms with Hip Hop. Luck explains how her beef with Remy Ma has evolved and where it is today.

“I did end it. I did; in my head,” Luck playfully recalls. “My girl was like, ‘We not talking about this shit no more, I’m tired of this shit.’ So it’s done now. It’s over. Nobody’s going to say anything to me even though the whole verse was towards me on the A$AP Ferg song [“East Coast”] but we’re going to ignore that because no one said anything about it. We’re gonna ignore that. We’re gonna behave [and] we’re gonna Jesus and we’re just not gonna talk about it.” Somaya quips, “Unless somebody mentions your name; then it’s an all out Hip Hop war.”

Luck responded, “Right. ‘They can say everything [about me] but until they say Lady Luck I’m not responding. They can ignore me. They can do whatever they want [but] no one will say my name. That’s it.”

The topic quickly turned to Luck’s recent beef with DJ Kay Slay and Ms. Hustle. “Y’all wanna talk about me and Kay Slay,” Luck emphatically says. “So Ms. Hustle has been on my dick for a long time. I got 6-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch who you wanna fuck today bitch? None of ‘em go soft. Dick don’t go down,” Luck gleefully says. “Now because it’s battle rap a lot of female rappers on the battle scene have always said my name. A lot of female rappers, battle rappers, they’ve brought my name up for recognition. I’ma be honest with you; when I was ice cold in these streets I


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