Lil Durk Thinks Juice Wrld Could've Become As Big As Kanye West

HipHop News Posted on October 21, 2020 at 10:52am

Lil Durk Thinks Juice Wrld Could've Become As Big As Kanye West

Lil Durk had nothing but good things to say about the late Juice Wrld in an interview with MONTREALITY. Durkio spoke highly of Juice’s potential and suggested the deceased rapper could’ve been Chicago Hip Hop’s biggest star since Kanye West.

“[I] rock with him 1000,” Durk said of Juice. “He was like an icon. Not just saying it because [he died], but he had an advantage to be like the next — coming out of Chicago — like the next Kanye type shit. Because he was smart.”.centered-ad {

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Durk also praised Juice’s talent, pointing out how the late artist impressed people in the studio.

“Music genius,” he said. “Going in that muthafucka freestyling– You know how you go in the studio with somebody and he going crazy? Even your team be like, ‘Aw shit, you gotta go crazy!’ They putting pressure on me and shit. I’m like, ‘Hold on.’ I damn near forgot who the fuck I was for a minute. But we got some music in and some vibes.”



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The OTF leader briefly addressed Juice’s drug usage and paid his respects to another deceased Chicago rapper, Fredo Santana, who also died of an drug overdose.

“The drug thing, everybody did it,” he said. “Rest in peace Fredo too. It just happens to the best of us. So, rest in peace Juice Wrld, fa sho.”

Juice died from an overdose of oxycodone and codein


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