Lil Kim, Supposedly, Re-Connect With "Soul Mate" Biggie With The Help Of Seer, Medium

HipHop News Posted on August 22, 2017 at 2:55am

Lil Kim, Supposedly, Re-Connect With "Soul Mate" Biggie With The Help Of Seer, Medium

The life after death?

The rapper Lil Kim serves as the latest celebrity to reach a deceased loved one, with the help of clairvoyant medium Tyler Henry. Lil Kim joined Henry for the season finale of E!'s Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry.

In a clip from the episode, which will air on Wednesday (August 23), Henry spoke about a person in the life of Kim, who passed too soon, and that is connected to the music somehow.

"And when he comes through he recognizes a reference to the music," Tyler Henry said. "He shares a legacy that will be continued. And then he is having me reference dedication, but in a musical sense. And it comes through. Now, the interesting thing is that he recognizes this has not been done yet. And he feels like that is involved in it."

Kim, who had an affair with The Notorious B. I. G., later confirmed that he is currently working on a musical dedication to the Brooklyn legend.

"It's incredible because right now I'm working on the music for him. But he is in the registry. And it's just a beautiful connection. And all for love of him," Lil Kim said.

Henry also claimed that the person to reach him was adamant about being Kim's "soul mate."

Although the Problem is not mentioned by name in the clip, Henry later told Entertainment Tonight that was the late rapper he connected during the session.

"Biggie came through! So that was all a thing in which he refers to a project that was a secret that she was working on that was dedicated to him ... It's like Biggie came across as, like, a former lover, is no different than any former lover," he said. "But he came through very strong, and recognizing that he wanted her to know that they were soul mates and how much he loved her. And acknowledged their relationship and how it is a kind of ... did your last interaction."


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