LL Cool J Happy Trump will not Attend Kennedy Center Honors

HipHop News Posted on September 29, 2017 at 7:08am

LL Cool J Happy Trump will not Attend Kennedy Center Honors

LL makes a call for unity on a spiritual level.

When the Kennedy Center celebrates its 40th national annual celebration on the 3rd of December, a person who is not present is the President, Donald Trump. Going to be MIA is of course riddled with controversy, but for rapper and actor LL Cool J, who is "happy," Trump is to miss the appointment.

In August, after several of the honorees threatened to boycott the reception, the White House issued a statement saying that "The President and the First Lady have decided not to participate in the activities this year to allow the honorees to celebrate without any kind of political distraction."

During a recent appearance on The Ellen Show, LL agree that it would be a distraction if Trump was there, the addition of the appearance would have removed the celebration of the music and the culture.

"I'm glad he decided not to attend, because it would have been a distraction," LL Cool J said. "And it would have been more about who is standing next to you. And less about the true form of art and Hip Hop ... I'm glad that I can just go out there and it's about the music. And culture. And this is not a policy group and such things ... I'm not feeding into that. I'm not feeding the machine."

Before he remembered how close the united states post-9/11, the NCIS: Los Angeles, the star spoke of the importance of being able to rely on the people in the office.

"As a country, I think it is very important that we be able to trust our leaders," he said. "And I think that it is important that we see the love of the one with the other, and that we get unified. I think that the only place where we can really connect spiritually ... We have to connect on a spiritual level as a nation. And get to know each other again. Because if you remember the feeling after 9/11, we could not be more close."

In addition to LL Cool J, Gloria Estefan and Lionel Richie will also be honored this year at the Kennedy Center Honors.


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