Machine Gun Kelly in Orlando, "Rap Diablo" Performance Gets Drowned In Boos

HipHop News Posted on September 18, 2018 at 3:09am

Machine Gun Kelly in Orlando, "Rap Diablo" Performance Gets Drowned In Boos

MGK supposedly to fool the crowd in support of their anti-Eminem rhetoric.

Orlando, FL – Machine Gun Kelly has been on an extensive north american tour with indie rock band Fall Out Boy as his rupture with Eminem continues to grow. During a recent stop at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, the Cleveland-bred rapper was booed off the stage by supposedly to fool the crowd in to pose for an anti-Eminem photo.

Before MGK begins to perform "Rap Devil", which deals with Eminem, furious "Killshot" the response of the track.

."I've heard that weak-ass shit," he says. "It just confirms what I have said already, man. Knees weak, the old, the real Slim Shady can't stop! The 'Rap Diablo' is in your town tonight. Hey, fuck Marshall Mathers."

The crowd then erupts into a boo song and eventually stops rapping.

According to several tweets floating around online, concert-goers felt cheated in support of MGK anti-Ms rhetoric.

"I tell you the truth, Kelly," a tweet reads. "Let them know that I was the Fallout Boy of the crowd. Let your followers know that you had a jacket and asked the crowd if they can put their middle fingers up for a picture (not telling them what the picture is).

"Tell them how you walked away from the crowd took off the jacket to expose the shirt. Then he got booed when it was revealed that the shirt into the crowd. Stop fakin."

So let's talk about how this MGK guy seems to be pulling some desperate moves to try and act like he didn't just come from body by #Eminem . Maybe don't start shit that you can't handle? And don't try to fool a public that is not even yours? #KILLSHOT#LetsTalkAboutit

— Jack Pelletier (@CooCooCthullhu) September 18, 2018

Another tweet confirmed the story and accused MGK of using Fall Out Boy to continue with his agenda.


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