Maka & Durkin - New Phone feat. Victor Radz [Stream/ Listen]

Fool's Gold Records Posted on August 31, 2017 at 8:36am


His new song, Maka & Durkin - New Phone feat. Victor Radz, which was turned out on jueves, agosto 31, 2017, is a track you don't want to miss listening to!

Listen to "Another Island" EP:

Maka & Durkin take a deep dive into the unknown on their debut collaboration, "Another Island." These two producers and songwriters have discovered some kind of magical bass Atlantis off the coast of their native Boston; after crafting wavy instrumentals for the likes of Michael Christmas and other underground favorites, they go solo with an artist EP as poppy as it is enjoyably experimental. Somewhere between a great first date and a screensaver come to life, "Another Island" melds tropical rhythms, video game sonics, and yearning melodies for a Fool’s Gold confection like none other.


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You've got to listen to the killer new track that he just turned out, Maka & Durkin - New Phone feat. Victor Radz. This energetic release is one of his finest yet. We can't wait for more!

Maka Durkin "Another Island" "Fool's Gold"

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