Makonnen Speaks On Life Since Coming Out, Leaving OVO & Being Sole Feature On Lil B’s Album

HipHop News Posted on September 6, 2017 at 8:49am

Makonnen Speaks On Life Since Coming Out, Leaving OVO & Being Sole Feature On Lil B’s Album

#DXclusive: The "Tuesday" rapper preps a collab with Rae Sremmurd.

Los Angeles, CA – At 28 years old, a fresh-faced Makonnen seems to have finally figured out his role in this rap game. In 2014, the Atlanta-based musician’s breakout hit single, “Tuesday,” made it permissible to turn up at the club in the middle of the work week. And after linking with Drake, the record achieved platinum status in less than a year.

Fast forward to a year later, Makonnen landed a spot on the highly-coveted OVO Sounds roster. However, all good things come to an end. With no forward momentum in his career, he made a conscious decision to part ways with OVO less than two years later. Still signed to the Warner Bros. and creating party-friendly anthems for his fans, it wasn’t until the top of 2017 that Makonnen revealed he was gay.

With the burden of rapping and singing about “bitches” in the club finally lifted from his shoulders, Makonnen is back and more focused than ever before. Touching down in sunny Los Angeles on Friday (September 1) ahead of his headlining set at Control LA at Avalon, Makonnen spoke to HipHopDX about life after coming out, new music on the way and being the only feature on Lil B’s album.

HipHopDX: How has your life changed since coming out?

Makonnen: I don’t know really. I guess other people sort of … know I’m gay or something? But I’m still the same person. I still do everything. I go to the same places. Nothing’s really changed for me other than, I guess, letting everybody know that maybe I’m probably more into that guy than that girl tonight. [laughs].

DX: You actually came out in a series of tweets. How long were you debating this? Was it hard for you?

Makonnen: Well, I was just like, I want to put the power in my hands because it’s something that’s personal for me. And it’s like, I’m not trying to go and gather a whole bunch of fame. And like, let’s go wherever the fuck to tell the world I’m gay and shit. It’s just like, yo, I’m very honest w


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