Martin Shkreli Indifference Play Wu-Tang Clan $2M LP During the Interview

HipHop News Posted on August 6, 2017 at 4:55am

Martin Shkreli Indifference Play Wu-Tang Clan $2M LP During the Interview

The threat of jail time has't stopped this guy's trolling.

New York, NY – Martin Shkreli, the "Pharma " Bro", who was found guilty of three counts of securities fraud, he continued his trolling ways by the reproduction of a portion of Wu-Tang Clan once Upon a Time In Shaolin during a livestream.

An interviewer stopped by Shkreli of the house to talk with him about his recent conviction and the conversation eventually turned to his infamous 2015 the purchase of Wu-Tang rare $2 million of album towards the end of the interview. Just before the 48 minutes of an already removed from YouTube, livestream video, he pulls out the CD from your desktop and begins playing in the background while you continue to talk with the reporter.

Shrekli ultimately allowed about 10 minutes for the project to be heard in the livestream. When talking about the album, which characterized the purchase as a "donation" to the legendary Hip-Hop group. He said that was not an example of flaunting your wealth like most people assume.

The polarizing figure previously transmitted a hint of once Upon a Time In Shaolin after that Donald Trump won the presidential elections of 2016. He also planned a listening session at New York's Webster Hall in February, but the event was canceled.

According to a recent Facebook post, Shkreli is evidently "delighted" with the outcome of your trial and you won't know what's going to do next.

Until then, watch the livestream earlier post.


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