Meek Mill In Silence Squashed Beef With 50 Cent

HipHop News Posted on July 23, 2017 at 5:36am

Meek Mill In Silence Squashed Beef With 50 Cent

The two settled their differences months.

New York, NY – Meek Mill is in the middle of a press run for his new album, Wins and Losses, And, recently stopped by The Angie Martinez show for an extensive interview. During the conversation, the Maybach Music Group artist touched on his feud with 50 Cent and revealed that the two were able to crush the flesh out of the public eye.

"The people don't know about this, in fact, I have seen 50% of a day," Meek said Martinez. "I've seen 50. Him coming out of a hotel. You know, we're going back and forth on the internet. Believe it or not, 50 and a serious situation in the traffic. This is not an average of a little light rapper.

"I shouted at us," he continued. "We went to the side as the men. Just like men, we had a good conversation. You know, we both come from the street, you don't know what that can lead. 'You have this type of guys with you. I have this type of uncles to me. I always admired you, fam. I don't know how we got to this foot.' Such-and-such."

The war of words, which began in the year 2015, primarily played on the social media, but also occur to subliminal disses as those who are Meek "Gave' Em Hope." The meat had an extra level of stress due to the 50 the long problems with the Meek the boss Rick Ross. The two parties were able to clean the air and calm the matter before it got out of hand.

"Rick Ross, unfortunately, happened to be the person that put me on," he said. "I'm just here, already know how this go. If I were in your team, it would be the same way. He said what he had to say, I respected what he said. I said what I said, he respected what I said. That was nine months ago. We left in the dark. Therefore, if you mighta seen us. I've never seen him since then. You could see us running into each other in the audience and smiling. People like, 'Why are they smiling?' 'Cause that concerns us, as men in the traffic."

See the entire interview above.


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