Missy Elliott And Her Funky White Sister" Perform "Work"

HipHop News Posted on September 13, 2018 at 4:17am

Missy Elliott And Her Funky White Sister" Perform "Work"

Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres.

Los Angeles, CA – Missy Elliott surprised viral video star Mary Halsey in a recent episode of The Ellen Show. A clip of the Rhode Island woman singing Her hit song "Work" during an outdoor karaoke event caught Missy's attention and she tweeted about it.

"I just found out that I have a FUNKY WHITE SISTER," Missy twitter. "Forreal doe & she brought home a girl with her hood to keep the tip remains in the background with a plate of food. I'm done! but she directly killed 'Working' sound effects and all. I love it."


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From there, the video exploded, and finally made its way to Ellen DeGeneres that I have in the show.

During the clip, Halsey explains that "Job" is your "go-to" karaoke song and that she has been doing for 15 years.

Elena then asks her to do a live version of the track, and she happily obliges. Towards the end of the track, Missy casually walks on stage and starts to hit with it.

Although Halsey is momentarily surprised, she didn't miss a beat. Once the song is over, they share a quick hug.

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