Musab & Ink Well Present MInk - Riot (feat. Baby Shel) [Stream/ Listen]

Rhymesayers Entertainment Posted on August 4, 2017 at 9:00am

Don't miss out on listening to Musab & Ink Well Present MInk - Riot (feat. Baby Shel), the sick new rap that he introduced to the world on viernes, agosto 4, 2017.

My Grandma was from White Earth, MN a Native American reservation. So I grew up in Black and Native culture. There’s so many of us in Minnesota I consider Black and Native mixed people to be our own specific ethnicity there. I can usually tell by looking at someone. I started this song during the height of the NDPL protest. Actually there were many protest going on around the country at the time, so it all flowed naturally. I called on Baby Shel who resides in and is from Red Lake, MN a Native reservation part of the same Ojibwe nation as White Earth. The connection was flawless. I consider this a masterpiece. Thanks, Shel.

You've got to listen to the killer new track that he just turned out, Musab & Ink Well Present MInk - Riot (feat. Baby Shel). This energetic release is one of his finest yet. We can't wait for more!

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