#MuteRKelly: R. Kelly Now Has All The County Of Georgia Trying To Cancel Their Concerts

HipHop News Posted on August 3, 2017 at 3:14am

#MuteRKelly: R. Kelly Now Has All The County Of Georgia Trying To Cancel Their Concerts

Can't you see? He's the pied piper of hamelin.

Fulton County, GA – R. Kelly is scheduled to perform in the Fulton County, Georgia on the 25th of August as part of The After Party of the Tour, but if the Fulton County commissioners have their way, this is a show that will not go. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Wednesday (2 August), they asked the county attorney to send a letter to Live Nation, asking the concert promoters to cancel an R. Kelly concert scheduled at Wolf Creek Amphitheater.

Poor ticket sales were blamed for the cancellations in New Orleans, Baton Rogue, Dallas and Los Angeles, but in this case, the request is a direct response to the accusations of the Pied Piper of R&B is running a sex cult. Naturally, Kelly has vehemently denied the accusations and called them a "bunch of crap".

Kenyette Tisha Barnes, who is part of a #MuteRKelly campaign that aims to pressure Atlanta's radio stations to stop playing Kelly's music, according to the reports, asked the commissioners to revoke the Live Nation contract. Barnes posted a full list of demands on Twitter.

I just published "#MuteRKelly: Our Demands for the Fulton County Board of Commissioners" https://t.co/Z2lyVCm2GC

— KENYETTE_ TISH! (@LegisEmpress) On The 2nd Of August 2017

"If our demands are not met, we are prepared to protest the concert," said Barnes.

Earlier on Wednesday, a Live Nation representative said that the concert was going according to plan, and a county spokesman confirmed the final decision will have to come from Live Nation. The spokesman said that the request for cancellation is based on the contributions of the community.

While the #MuteRKelly campaign has taken a bit of steam on social networks, some users are going after Live Nation, directly or by supporting the campaign efforts.

Ok, see you @LiveNation's playing hardball and refuses to cancel the R. Kelly concert in Atl...

Black women, take note...

— Tiffany Gill (@IAmTiffanyGill) August 3, 2017<


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