N. O. R. E. Claims to Know Who Disfigured Prodigy from the Queensbridge Mural

HipHop News Posted on July 29, 2017 at 5:22am

N. O. R. E. Claims to Know Who Disfigured Prodigy from the Queensbridge Mural

According to the "Drink of Champions" host, Prodigy,'s book, "damage to a lot of people."

New York, NY – N. O. R. E. and DJ EFN are making the press rounds in support of the REBELLION of the TV series, Drinking, Fields, and stopped by The Breakfast Club earlier this week. During his conversation with Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy, N. O. R. E., said that he knows that defaced the Queensbridge mural that was painted on the Miracle of the honour, shortly after the Hip Hop legend that is happening.

"I'm not qualified to talk about that," the Queens native said around the 19:00 mark. "But it came from a big homie who is in jail that has nothing. I know that's always great [up] Prodigy book, but Prodigy's book hurt a lot of people [some of the] dead, in jail, alive, and [this particular] type that to the north. He is a respectable man, and everyone respects him. He sent the word, and it's official."

The book of N. O. R. E. mentioned — My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of quotes mobb Deep the Prodigy — served as the end of the decade of quotes mobb Deep MC of the reports and has caused some controversy in the Hip Hop community, including accusations that Prodigy was a snitch.

Earlier this month, Prodigy of the mural was splashed with paint on two separate occasions. The first time occurred less than 24 hours after its initial completion, and the second time also occurred within a few hours of repair. It was finally retired.

See the full interview above, and check out HipHopDX's recent chat with the N. O. R. E. and EFN here.


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