O.t. Genasis Uses Keyshia Cole To the Letters Responding To Your Claim of Copyright

HipHop News Posted on December 21, 2019 at 6:00am

O.t. Genasis Uses Keyshia Cole To the Letters Responding To Your Claim of Copyright

He's no longer in love with Cole Cole.

Early last week, o.t. Genasis sent the internet into a frenzy after the release of a hilarious Crip-inspired version of Keyshia Cole's hit "Love" on YouTube.

The fun was short-lived, for the "Coco" rapper, however, as the video ended up being pulled due to a copyright claim days later..focused on the ad {

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Cole spoke on Fox's Soul show one-on-one With Keyshia Cole with respect to the operations room of the tug 2006 alone.

"I would like my classics to be left alone. Is that wrong as an artist to say," said Cole. "And then people hit me to say something like, 'Oh, I never listen to Keyshia Cole song of the same.'"

But that was not enough to keep the trolling to a minimum of operating room took to Instagram with a series of posts about the situation.

In the most recent post, operating room is seen looking through the window to Cole "I Deceived you" playing in the background.

View this message in Instagram



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