Oxxxymiron Vs. A disaster Rap Battle Live Up to the Hype In KOTD World Domination 7

HipHop News Posted on October 16, 2017 at 2:32am

Oxxxymiron Vs. A disaster Rap Battle Live Up to the Hype In KOTD World Domination 7

A battle for the ages.

Los Angeles, CA – The federation of infiltration into the American political process has been an important benchmark for the last year or so, and Sunday night (October 16), Russia took a step further and shut down the American battle rap scene.

For the seventh edition of its World domination of the series, the King Of The Dot booked a disaster vs Oxxxymiron as the main event for their Angels card. The internationally-themed clash faced a disaster, one of the leaders of America's battle rap stars, against Oxxxy, a Russian rapper known for raking in the YouTube views.

It turned out to be a wise decision. The Balloon place was full, and Pay-Per-View co-host Dirtbag Dan commented that "70%-75% of the crowd was there to see the Russian superstar. He took the stage to thunderous applause as fans chanted his name, while Diz has a huge reaction when he came out to Bon Jovi "Living On A Prayer."

The rowdy crowd was treated to a earth-shattering performance of Oxxxy on his debut in English, to dispel any doubt that their success does not translate to the American public. The content of his bars also seemed to be perfectly suited for the crowd ("I'm going to turn on Mount Rushmore in Mother Russia!" and "you're crazy, because I am Joseph Stalin in the" were standout quotables).

Ladies and gentlemen, @mrdizaster vs @norimyxxxo is happening now in @kotdtv #WDVII in Los Angeles! This will be the largest battle #battlerap has ever seen! #Dizaster #Oxxxymiron #KingOfTheDot #KOTD

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Diz, whose performances have blown hot and cold over the years, took his Game to the clash — knowing that a battle with Oxxxymiron will probably be your most viewed ever. This made the match competitive classic from beginning to end, and will go a long way to improving both of the rappers' profiles outside of their countries of origin.

The theme of mutual respect is reflected in Ox


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