Paul Wall Drops "Bounce Back Setbacks" LP

HipHop News Posted on January 21, 2018 at 6:30am

Paul Wall Drops "Bounce Back Setbacks" LP

The People's Champ returns.

Houston, TX – Paul Wall is back after a turbulent year for his hometown of Houston, which was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. The city had a bright spot in the midst of the tragedy, when the Houston Astros won the World Series for the first time in the history of the franchise, so the Wall came up with a fitting motto for H-the inhabitants of the City and used it for his latest album title — Bounce Back Setbacks.

The 15-track album is the Houston rap staple of the first solo LP from 2016 in Houston, the Oil. Last year, he released a collaboration project with C Stone titled Diamond Boyz. The wall of the latter work features guest appearances by Z-Ro, Lil Keke, Stunna Bam and Cal Wayne, among others.

Check out the album stream, cover art and tracklist of Bounce Back Setbacks below.

1. Haters Stay Watchin

2. Haters of the Ball f. Z-Ro

3. Feel This f. Stunna Bam

4. Squad Goals

5. Correct Me If I'm Wrong

6. Po a Lil Drank

7. Been Goin Thru f. Cal Wayne

8. Demons Constant Torment

9. Hatin Season

10. The Real Thang

11. To the Moon and Back

12. Another Fallen Soldier f. Mickael

13. The rain and the Fire

14. My Time is Comin f. Crys Wall, The Wrist Of The Baby To The Wall-Noelle & Le Of The Wall

15. The world Series of Grillz f. Lil Keke & Z-Ro


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