Petition calling for Sony To Drop R. Kelly Now AT 20K Signatures (And Growing)

HipHop News Posted on July 21, 2017 at 1:59am

Petition calling for Sony To Drop R. Kelly Now AT 20K Signatures (And Growing)

The game continues to grow.

A petition aimed at getting Sony Records to the fall of R. Kelly, her record label has surpassed 20,000 signatures on the morning of Friday (July 21).

The request was prompted by "disturbing reports" for Buzzfeed during the week that the parents had told the police that the singer was holding their daughters against their will.

The text of the petition refers specifically to the allegations that Kelly "is the celebration of several women in a sex cult in which he controls all his movements, physically and emotionally punish you if you break their rules, and the films of his sexual encounters with them to share with their friends."

Concludes by arguing that "we must not allow habitual offenders to float above the justice, simply because they are rich and famous."

A woman at the centre of accusations that he has publicly stated that she is with Kelly by choice and has asked his father to stop.

Linda Mensch, a representative of R. Kelly, he refuted the claims when contacted by Buzzfeed. She said, "we can only wonder why people would persist in slandering a great artist who loves his fans, works 24/7, and takes care of all the people in your life."

The petition was drawn up by Care2, an online community designed to bring together the activists for various causes around the world.


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