Pharrell Salutes Kanye West As Pusha T's 'It's Almost Dry' Gets Reimagined As Ye Vs. Pharrell Beat Battle

HipHop News Posted on April 26, 2022 at 11:44am

Pharrell Salutes Kanye West As Pusha T's 'It's Almost Dry' Gets Reimagined As Ye Vs. Pharrell Beat Battle

Kanye and Pharrell evenly shared production duties on King Push's latest album.

Pusha T‘s It’s Almost Dry has ignited a passionate debate on social media since its eagerly awaited arrival last week — no, not over Pyrex P’s coke-fueled raps, but over who has the best beats on the album.

Kanye West and Pharrell — Pusha’s closest and arguably most potent collaborators — evenly share production credits on the 12-track project, with Ye cooking up standouts such as “Diet Coke,” “Hear Me Clearly” and “Dreamin’ of the Past,” and Skateboard P serving up speaker-rattlers like “Neck & Wrist,” “Call My Bluff” and “Brambleton.”


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Those still struggling to pick a winner have a helping hand as Pusha T has reimagined his fourth solo album as a beat battle between Kanye and Pharrell. During a Q&A with his Twitter followers on Monday (April 25), the Virginia Beach native tweeted links to two alternate versions of It’s Almost Dry on Spotify.

It’s Almost Dry: Pharrell vs. Ye reshuffles the tracklist so all six Pharrell-produced songs make up the first half of the album, followed by Kanye’s half-dozen efforts. It’s Almost Dry: Ye vs. Pharrell reverses the order so Mr. West’s sample-laced production kickstarts the album.

The alternate versions — which might be the closest rap fans get to seeing either Kanye or Pharrell step into the Verzuz arena — are also available on Apple Music, TIDAL, SoundCloud and Amazon Music.

Great idea…but we’re one step ahead of you… #ItsAlmostDry

— King Push (@PUSHA_T) April 26, 2022

Ever graceful in competition, Pharrell saluted Kanye West in a video posted on Instagram on Monday (April 25) responding to the “overwhelming reaction” to It’s Almost Dry, which has been praised by fans an


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