Playboi Carti Addresses a$AP Bari Sexual abuse Allegations In the Scenario

HipHop News Posted on July 19, 2017 at 8:43am

Playboi Carti Addresses a$AP Bari Sexual abuse Allegations In the Scenario

Young Carti don't support any of "that rape shit."

Santa Ana, CA – Playboi Carti spoke publicly about the serious allegations made against a$AP Mob co-founder a$AP Bari during a show in Santa Ana, California, on Monday (17 July). "I don't support none of that rape shit. Fuck all that shit. The gaze of the man, that shit crazy. I love women, that shit crazy," Carti said to the crowd, prompting chants of "Fuck Bari."

Despite the fact that he denounced Bari actions, he was quick to dead the songs, telling the crowd, "But at the end of the day, that's my muthafuckin' brother. Nah, it's not a 'Fuck Bari,' that's my brother, but that black — who did you wrong bro."

The video of Bari, which began to make the rounds online last Wednesday (July 12), puts Carti in another awkward situation. His partner and manager Ian Connor also had several sexual assault and rape allegations made against him last year.

The 20-years old, "Magnolia" rapper — and a$AP Mob affiliate — was put on Bari, who took him under his wing and presented him with a$AP Rocky back in 2015 at SXSW.

After the video went viral, Bari, issued a statement in firm to reject an assault occurred—, adding that the issue was "amicably" resolved.

Carti's performance comes hot on the heels of a$AP Rocky show at the order of the feast-day, in Long Beach, California, during the weekend, where they changed the lyrics of the song "Telephone Line", apparently calling Bari a "bitch".


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