Podcast Wars: Joe Budden is not da Gillie Da Kid Slack For 'All Lives Matter' Rant

HipHop News Posted on July 13, 2020 at 8:31am

Podcast Wars: Joe Budden is not da Gillie Da Kid Slack For 'All Lives Matter' Rant

"You've missed the point. And if you're not bright enough to get the point, then, what the fuck are you talking about the point?"

Gillie Da Kid, who helms his own bar Stool Sports podcast Million Dollaz Worth of Game with Wallo267, was recently forced to confront a newly surfaced video in which you express the controversial phrase "All Lives Matter," which he said is years of age.

"So, I'm still asking me the same question, 'Gillie, you are always giving the game. Why not give never any game in Black Lives Matter?'" he said that in the clip. "Because I'm not for that shit, black. All Lives Matter, black. I don't give a fuck if you White, Black, blue, purple, brown, tangerine, BLACK, All Lives Matter.".centered-ad {

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But Joe Budden doesn't matter how long ago it was — made it clear Gillie is not receiving a pass during the Episode 361 of Joe Budden's Podcast. After the reproduction of Gillie comments, Budden says, "Oh, so you don't you understand?"

He then proceeds to play Gillie's response to the backlash he faced last week.

"I woke up with a lot of text messages today," Gillie said. "'Gillie, you trending No. 2 in the world." Oh, I see you bitches tried to put coal in my name."

Budden answers, "No, you did that."

The Gillie the recording continues, "y'all tried to steal something I said four years ago to try to act as what was in the current climate. When I said that, the white people, or even saying that at that time. Shout out to the Black Lives Matter movement."


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