Psycho Les & Jeru The Damaja Announce The Collaboration Project

HipHop News Posted on August 29, 2017 at 9:44am

Psycho Les & Jeru The Damaja Announce The Collaboration Project

The Funky Pandas are making Hip Hop fun again!

New York, NY – Two veterans of the acts of the City of New York have announced a collaborative project that has the golden age of the heads of tinnitus. Psycho Les of The tBeatnuts and Gang Starr Foundation alum, Jeru The Damaja are joining forces as The Funky Pandas. The well-respected MCs, and have created the respective alter-ego named Dr. Love Panda and Black Panda, have launched a Kickstarter to fund his new project, Certificate of Bamboo.

"I would love to describe the sound of the Certificates of Bamboo, but I've never heard anything similar to make the comparison," Jeru (aka Black Panda) said that on the page of Kickstarter.

The two initially connected on a tour in Europe in 2015 and have spent the last two years, the development of a new sound that they're excited to bring to the world.

As Jeru explains the mantra behind the campaign is to give fans the opportunity to be a part of your vision, which is to make music fun again.

"A lot of times I see and hear people complain about the state of Hip Hop music, how it has been separated from the Hip-Hop culture and has taken a turn for the worse," Jeru said. "Here is your chance for your voice to be heard by being a part of The Funky Panda movement".

In addition to the album, the campaign is largely going to finance a movie following the duo as a document of places around the world where Hip Hop is thriving. The album itself is — for all intents and purposes, with 14 songs already in the bag.

Fans can support the project and score some great merch in the official page of the campaign page.


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