Questlove Reveals The Roots Currently Have 263 Songs For His Next Album

HipHop News Posted on August 22, 2017 at 9:29am

Questlove Reveals The Roots Currently Have 263 Songs For His Next Album

#DXclusive: The acclaimed drummer analyzes The Roots' next album and his secret to staying calm in difficult times.

West Hollywood, CA – it's not every day you get to have lunch together with Questlove.

Monday (August 21), HipHopDX had the pleasure of attending an exclusive lunch with The Roots of the musician, as he promoted the group's song "not Fair", which appears in the new film in Detroit. As Quest made their rounds to each of the three tables in the A. O. C. wine bar in West Hollywood, California, admitted that this was their first time doing a press junket like this.

The past month of October, Questlove officially announced the 17, album of The Roots was in the works. In June, Black Thought revealed that the group not rush the process. When asked if The Roots are still working on their official follow-up to the 2014 ... And Then you Shoot Your Cousin, Search, responded, "Yes, we are." He also makes reference to the loss of the group for the life of the manager, Richard Nichols, who passed away in 2014.

"Still tentatively titled End of the Game," he revealed. "The difference between this record and [the] who came before him was our collaborator for a long time, that is our manager and producer, is no longer with us. Normally, in that situation, [Nichols has always been the central axis, the arbitrator, among all the guys. So, this will be the first time that we've had to grow up and solve our own arguments. But one thing I was talented at was telling us to stop."

#Questlove gives an update on #TheRoots 17 album "End Game"... today, at 263 songs 😱😱😱 @questlove

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263 songs have been recorded by the End of the Game, but only 14 will make the cut.

"Usually when we get to the 100 songs, it's like, 'Guys. You have 100 songs, the mission," he explained. "There are 14 very good songs in these 100. Let's stop and concentrate on the 14.' Right now, we are in the 263. But the ideas keep coming. I made a promise that for the 1 of November, we're stopping. And w


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