Rich Homie Quan Compares Homosexual Fan Of Young Thug; Young Thug Responds

HipHop News Posted on December 3, 2015 at 12:00pm

Rich Homie Quan Compares Homosexual Fan Of Young Thug; Young Thug Responds

A male fan reportedly was trying to grope Rich Homie Quan.

Rich Homie Quan called a male fan at a show in Tallahassee, Florida, for trying to grope him. TMZ captured the incident on video.

"Fuck me with that not faggots, shit," the rapper from Atlanta, says in the film.

In another part of the tape, he compares the fan to fellow Rich Gang member Young Thug, who dresses in woman's clothing.

"Back your ass up, you are here the aspect of Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan seems to say on the tape.

Young Thug took to Twitter to respond to comments.

"Homie I lil race almost OV", he wrote on the social media site. Then retweeted a user who asked if he was talking about Rich Homie Quan. Young Thug later wrote That it "does not mean that uma give em a pass!!"

DJ Fresh, Rich Homie Quan the deejay whose fall can be heard in the pictures, took to Instagram to say that the "Flex" rapper has no intention to diss Thugger. Baller Alert caught the comment.

"Dead serious man stop with this lame ass story of the man who is not what the fuck happened", DJ Fresh, he writes, "these were not shots, said the uncle, who was being flamboyantly gay trying to touch it, it seemed like young thug, and then proceeded to say that the not with that type of shit!!! And you want to make it seem like I was talking shit about thug man, people are going to twist stories and make it seem like the sky is not blue because someone said it was green and shit, that shit lame as fuck."


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